About Us


We are VALocator.com, your gateway to virtual job opportunities in the United States! We are a leading job portal connecting talented candidates with virtual job opportunities offered by U.S. companies. Our platform allows job seekers to upload their resumes, which enables recruiters to discover their skills and find the perfect virtual job for them.


Since our founding in 2018, VA Locator has been at the forefront of virtual recruiting, revolutionizing how job seekers connect with employers and land rewarding remote jobs. With our extensive network and deep industry knowledge, we have successfully facilitated countless matches between qualified candidates and reputable companies.



Miami Corporate Office

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, VA Locator operates with a dynamic team dedicated to providing exceptional services and ensuring a seamless experience for candidates and recruiters. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as a trusted resource in the virtual job market.

Our Team in Venezuela

Our main recruiting office in Caracas, Venezuela, is at the heart of our operations. With a diverse and highly skilled talent pool, we leverage our international presence to bridge the gap between candidates and U.S. companies seeking exceptional virtual employees. Our strategic location allows us to tap into Latin America's rich talent pool, fostering global connections and facilitating the professional growth of people worldwide.


Meet our Team

Ignacio Thielen
Patricia Peña
Fabiana Galindez
Recruitment Manager
Andrea Soler
HR Recruiter
Hector Villegas
IT Manager
William Perez
Sales Representative
Zara Ramirez
Account Manager
Carlos Monsalve
Account Manager

The benefits of working for a Client with VA Locator:

  1. 1. Payment in US dollars: We make the payments in USD monthly through accessible platforms!
  2. 2. Work-life balance: One of the great benefits of working remotely is flexibility, and it is something that, at VA Locator, we agree on; most of the time, we rely on fixed schedules, but the important thing is the orientation toward results and productivity in tasks
  3. 3. Constant onboarding procedures with our Team: We have strict policies where we support our virtual assistants 100% during their journey with their client in the United States; we have a highly trained team that will be there for you in any situation from the beginning of the process to its end.

Our most common positions at VA Locator:

Executive Assistants
Customer Service Agents
Sales Representatives
Operations Managers
Marketing Professionals
Graphic Designers
Video Editors
Social Media Strategist
Community Managers

How much can a VA earn monthly? Most of our VA's could earn between $5 to $15 per month.

*The salary wage is an average. The salaries could depend on the position

Words from our CEO only for you:


Hello, VALocator.com Community! My name is Ignacio Thielen, hailing from the vibrant nation of Venezuela. As a passionate entrepreneur, I and two visionary partners have embarked on a mission with VA Locator/Virtrify.

Our goal? To seamlessly connect Latin American talent with pioneering companies in the United States. At VALocator.com, we believe in South American professionals' extraordinary skills and dedication. Our platform is designed to transcend stereotypes and highlight the remarkable talents of this region on a global stage. As CEO, I passionately promote VA Locator/Virtrify, which is more than just a business. It's a beacon of hope and opportunity, ensuring every Latin American professional knows that a world of possibilities awaits them through Virtrify, regardless of their background.

Our vision is to empower Latin American professionals to achieve their utmost potential. VA Locator/Virtrify offers more than job placements; it opens doors to growth, learning, and success. We strive for a future where South American talent is globally recognized, and our platform stands as a symbol of our collective perseverance. We invite you, a distinguished professional, to participate in this transformative journey. Sign up at https://valocator.com/ and create your profile today.

Discover your dream job and connect with leading companies eager to embrace the talent you bring. Join us in this exhilarating venture of transformation and empowerment. Together, we can dismantle barriers, forge new pathways, and illuminate the route to success for countless Latin American professionals. Let's make a significant impact. Because when we believe in our people's potential, the possibilities are endless.

Ignacio Thielen - COO

A Life Without Limits

We understand the unique advantages of virtual employment and recognize its transformative power. By embracing remote work, professionals can shape their careers while enjoying a flexible work-life balance. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities or a talented individual ready to embark on a virtual journey, VA Locator supports and guides you every step. By joining our extensive database of qualified candidates, you will have exclusive access to various virtual job opportunities in various industries. Our advanced matching algorithms ensure that your skills and qualifications are accurately presented to recruiters, increasing your chances of landing the virtual job of your dreams.


I have to pay to join VALocator.com?

No, our process is 100% free

Being a VA is equal to being a Freelancer?

No, at VALocator.com we are based on US legislation; therefore, if you get selected with a client, you will have an established contract

How much do I need to wait to get assigned to a client?

It depends in average the time to have the first proposal is between 1 week and 1 month.

How's the recruitment process with VA Locator?

After registering on the website, if you approve the first filter -Your English Test Results- you'll pass an interview with one of our Recruiters to evaluate your skills. If the interview is approved, you'll start the client assignment process.

Do I need to have a college degree?

Not necessarily; you could be a Bachelor's Degree student as well

As a VA, will I receive a training process?

Yes! If you get hired, you will receive a Kick-Off process and, consequently, a training process (the time of the training process could vary)

What are the payment methods to receive the monthly wage?

Currently, we are paying monthly through 2 simple platforms: Zelle and PayPal

VA Locator only works for Venezuelan citizens?

Most of our VA's are Venezuelan Residents. Nevertheless, we accept candidates from all the Latin American Region

To be a VA, I need to have an English level?

Yes, to apply, it's mandatory to have, as a minimum, a B2 English Level, given that all of our clients are located in the United States.