Marketing Manager (Organic)

Posted : 1 month ago
Department : Marketing

This is for you!

Our company is looking to hire a Marketing Consultant who will be working closely with our client's marketing team to develop and implement marketing plans and strategies for our client’s brands. As a successful hire, you will be tasked with helping identify marketing trends and opportunities for growth companies, as well creating marketing materials such as white papers and case studies. You will be giving presentations about our ongoing campaigns and provide administrative support to our marketing team


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or any similar field
  • 2–3 years of experience in Advertising, Public Relations, or Marketing
  • Experience working as a Marketing Manager or a similar managerial role
  • Expertise in strategy development of marketing campaigns
  • Strong communication, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Ability to manage complex and multi-channel campaigns
  • Experience in Facebook Ads
  • Knowledge of CRM Tools
  • Notion with Content Creation methodologies such as SEO and/or keyword research management


  • Shape the strategic and execution vision for Marketing and Brand communications across markets.
  • Track performance of campaigns to provide data-backed insights to optimize campaigns and find new opportunity areas.
  • Create and execute Marketing Funnels with any CRM (the platform might depend on the client).
  • Lead the sales and marketing team to brainstorm new marketing ideas for digital and social media platforms.
  • Guide potential clients in the onboarding and funnel process to achieve its business goals.
  • Ensure that all marketing activities are aligned with the marketing campaign and strategies.
  • Research and monitor market trends and data to find opportunities to increase our sales.
  • Analyze marketing data to identify issues and develop solutions to fix them.

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