During 2020 and these early months of 2021, we have seen an interesting shift in the market for virtual assistant jobs. Common positions such as administrative assistants and content creators are still strong, but new skills seem to have arisen to a significant spot in the market. 

This list we have prepared has two essential objectives. First, help you find your skills (or those from someone you know) that match these positions. Or if your company has any openings for virtual assistant jobs in these niches, we have someone who can help you fill that need.

Without further ado, let us explore the top 5 most demanded virtual assistants jobs at VA Locator for this early 2021. 

1 – Remote customer service representative or cold caller jobs

Lead generation is a sub-niche of marketing that increased incredibly in 2020. However, a difficult position to fill when the cold lead has to be contacted by phone. It is not easy to find candidates for a remote customer service representative or a cold caller job. 

However, we at VA Locator always try to ensure the quality of our virtual assistants’ English speaking skills. Therefore we always keep brilliant candidates in our pipeline, ready to jump in new projects. If you feel that you can perform adequately in this virtual assistant job, please reach us as we will have an opportunity for you. 

2 – Remote graphic designer jobs

Another critical position that seems to have found incredible demand is the Graphic Designer. We know that most virtual assistant jobs require little creativity, so this one becomes hard to find. Most people believe that remote graphic designer jobs are unrewarding or not worth pursuing, but the reality is quite the opposite. 

Graphic Designers work per hour as the rest of our team members, but instead of looking at numbers or lists, they explore their creative side. We have had a great experience giving candidates to virtual assistant jobs that require graphic designers.

3 – Remote web developer jobs

Web developers are one of the trickiest virtual assistant jobs to match out there. However, due to the nature of the skills and the number of hours it requires, it can also be quite rewarding.  We often find ourselves looking hard for experienced developers to fill proposals for remote web developer jobs.

If you feel that you have a compatible skillset, feel free to apply as we are sure that we will find the perfect spot for you. We also have exciting courses available for you to take if some preparation is required as clients tend to be demanding when it comes to this particular virtual assistant job. 

4 – Remote video editor jobs

Remote video editor jobs have also seen a massive increase in demand in early 2021. Not in vain, almost 45% of the global population is exposed to at least one form of video ad every day.  Companies have noticed this and have prioritized creating video content for their social networks and paid ads platforms.

Virtual assistant jobs in this category are incredibly well paid as not everyone knows how to do it correctly and in a reasonable amount of time. If you edit videos for your projects, you can consider doing it as a side job to increase your overall income.

5 – Remote email marketing jobs

Finally, and very aligned to the rest of the positions exposed on this list are the remote email marketing jobs. They serve as a written alternative form of cold marketing campaigns to reach out to potential leads through their professional or personal email addresses. 

Handling these databases and leads lists requires essential knowledge of digital tools and resources that are not easy to come by. However, training to learn how to perform in this role is not that complicated, so candidates can quickly learn how to do it if they are willing.  Virtual assistant jobs in this specialty are relatively common nowadays and will only increase in the coming months.

Always keep improving yourself for any virtual assistant job. 

If you feel that any of these positions describe something you are good at (or someone you know), you are more than welcome to join our family at VA Locator. We will probably have a client ready to work with you already waiting. If not, do not feel disappointed. There plenty of positions available that are not in this article, so feel free to contact us or keep your training going!

However, if you are a business owner with an opening in your company, you can see how seriously we take our selection process and how much support we provide to our recruits. We guarantee the assistant’s utmost quality to rest assured that you will find the perfect match with us.

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