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Real Estate Investors

Buy, and sales properties could be hard work because you need to have an eagle eye every day always on top of the situation. Some tasks could be waste of time, like handle all the day-to-day menial tasks in your real estate investment firm; when you are looking for increasing your revenue, freeing your time to focus on its highest & best uses

This work should be done in a group, that’s why we have three types of VA because they deal with essential but routine tasks. From making a call to reaching a new client, From making a call to enter a new client, look into a lot of options and give you the best offer, so you can go to the main job, such as making deals and raising money.

Basically we are here to save you time, every real estate investor have commons things to do, wherever you are you’ll need someone who updates your social media and websites, build a database of your clients (Probates, Foreclosures, Multi-family, Commercial, etc.) and your banks and investors (high net-worth individuals, small banks, private lenders),   CRM software administration & support, and more.

There are so many options in the market and this world go so fast, that you need for sure some help to catch the better ones to have a great deal, or following the communicating with the banks always on time. We can help you market your existing properties either to get them sold or leased as efficiently as possible;  handling basic price negotiations, acquisition lead pre-qualification / seller fact-finding.

We know how much time takes you to make calls, the list can be endless. Here is when we come to make it for you, someone who stays at the phone all the necessary time to get what the answer that you want and gives that message you desire to share of your products. Telemarketing is a numbers game. You need to understand & be prepared to manage by the numbers, not on a day-to-day, lead-to-lead basis.