Book keeping

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Book Keeping

A bookkeeper like as a guardian will watch over your accounting. We all know the basic duties of a bookkeeper: to track payables and receivables and keep all your business’s financial transactions documented. Even if this looks simple, but there’s a lot more to this job than meets the eye.

Imagine that you don’t have to spend more nights fighting with spreadsheets because of something that just doesn’t fit. Hiring a bookkeeper you can call him upon to produce reports to help explain to management where company money is going and make sure that any discrepancies in the financial records are reconciled.

They make sure that every transaction, deposit, and income is recorded in the company ledger. Bookkeepers use software to track these numbers and record the transactions.

Do you want to know a few of the many things that a bookkeeper can do?

  • Tag and monitor fixed assets
  • Assemble information for external auditors for the annual audit
  • Pay supplier invoices in a timely
  • Pay any debt as it comes due for payment
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to management as requested
  • Conduct a monthly reconciliation of every bank account
  • Issue financial statements
  • Maintain an orderly accounting filing system
  • Calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management

.We know, is overwhelming how much you could have to do without a bookkeeper, hire one of them and be sure, he will have attention to details, accuracy is the key. They make sure that mistakes in the numbers are not made.