Meet Our Team

Although VA Locator was conceived in Miami, Florida, it’s been made in Venezuela.

We are a group of recruiters and trainers of VA's that emerged from college with 4-year degrees and wanting to make an impact in the world. We discovered there’s a whole community of Venezuelans that wanted to be free to work for companies outside of the country.

We are designers, developers, marketers, financial analysts, human resources majors, and so much more! We have abilities that far exceed expectations, and we’re going to show the world what we’re capable of.

What was born from turmoil became a community that can work on its own to serve companies outside of Venezuela.


Meet Our Team

Ignacio Thielen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Richard Robertson

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

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We’re Growing

Now Hiring! See what amazing opportunities we have at VA Locator

We’re always looking for virtual assistants who want to join the team.  We’re also expanding our business team at VA Locator. Visit our job portal for opportunities.